Safe, Sane and Consensual (SSC) and Risk Aware Consensual Kink (RACK)

Rose Haven's central purpose is to provide a place for guests who support and practice Safe, Sane & Consensual (SSC) and Risk Aware Consensual Kink (RACK) play. Anyone who rents the Retreat or attends and participates in Rose Haven events and parties must understand that consent is taken seriously in this space and everyone is expected to follow all of the guidelines laid out below. All first-time guests will get a tour of the facility and a review of rules and safety procedures. The Hosts have final say in all situations.  

Anyone violating SSC or RACK will be asked to leave and if the violation was severe enough can be banned from attending future events or from renting the property.  We take our guests safety far more seriously than we do any poential revenue loss from disgruntled but unsafe people.

Frequently Asked Questions

These are the most common questions that we get from our Guests or prospective Guests.

1. Smoking: There is NO SMOKING allowed within the house, garage/dungeon or any outbuildings. Smoking must be limited to outside areas such as the covered porch, the area between the house and the garage/dungeon or the driveway. Please do not smoke in the hay field, untended grass or wooded areas of the property due to the high risk of accidental fires.

2. Occupancy: The normal occupancy of the house is 1-6 adults 

     a. Sleeping: The house sleeps a maximum of 6 guests (8 if you bring an inflatable mattress)

     b. Only the confirmed number of guests are allowed on the property. If your numbers change just let us know ahead of time.

3. Children: 

     a. Due to the nature of the property and the amenities provided, children are not allowed in general. 

     b. Newborns and young infants MAY be allowed if all adults present agree and no local state or federal laws are violated. The landlord assumes NO legal liability for anything they may see, hear or otherwise encounter.

4. Parking: 

     a. Park only in the driveway. Do not park on the lawn in front of or surrounding the house.

     b. Excess vehicles may only be parked in the grass along the left (as viewed from the road) side of the driveway with prior approval.

5. Handicapped Access: The property is not officially “handicap accessible” but it is somewhat usable for persons even of limited mobility. If you are confined to a wheelchair, please be aware that while there is a ramp for the porch between the house and garage/dungeon,  the exterior door sill may still be a slight obstacle. The rest of the home is all one level though the interior doors may be a tight fit depending on your wheelchair.

6. Clothing: The house is completely clothing optional as is the garage/dungeon. The back porch is clothing optional as well  but reasonable care and discretion should be exercised. The neighbors are fairly distant but there is a chance that someone might see you.

7. Events:  An “Event” is any use of the house beyond normal personal use and which involve special themes or activities beyond those normally expected by the landlord for personal rentals. Events are subject to approval by the landlord as specified below:

     a. Events within the normal occupancy of the house do not require special approval by the landlord, however, each guest must sign a personal liability waiver prior to the beginning of the event or prior to taking part in the event.

     b. Events involving more than the normal house occupancy must be coordinated with and approved by the landlord. Each guest must sign a personal liability waiver prior to the beginning of the event or prior to taking part in the event.

8. Consumables: Certain items such as soaps, spices, seasonings and the like are provided for your use and convenience. Please use only such quantities as you need during the course of your stay. 

9. Furnishing and accessories: DO NOT REMOVE any furnishings, accessories or any other item provided on the property. 

10. Telephone: 

     a. Local calls: Free

     b. Domestic Long Distance: Free (just please don’t abuse the privilege)

     c. International Long Distance: Not on our plan so Just Don’t! Any such phone charges incurred during your stay will be your responsibility and will be billed to you accordingly. Failure to compensate the landlord for such charges will result in your inability to rent the property in the future.

11. Internet: Wireless Internet is provided but is not high speed. Expect limited or slow connectivity if multiple guests try to use it simultaneously.  Connectivity may be poor or sporadic in the garage/dungeon.  The PW for the router will be provided with your paid reservation.

12. Satellite TV:

     a. Limited channel selection. You are here to play not to watch Seinfeld or Friends. LOL

     b. PPV is blocked. Do not attempt to rent or otherwise access any pay TV services. Any PPV charges incurred during your stay will be your responsibility and will be billed to you accordingly. Failure to compensate the landlord for such charges will result in your inability to rent the property in the future.

13. Thermostats:

     a. AC: Do not set below 70 degrees Fahrenheit. 

     b. Heat:  Do not set above 75 degrees Fahrenheit. 

14. Garbage: Please arrange to be able to take your garbage with you. Due to the sporadic nature of house occupancy we do not have trash service. A limited amount of rinsed out or clean recyclables may be left in the recycling bin in the kitchen.

15. Dishes and Cookware: Wash all dishes, cookware and accessories at least once a day and immediately prior to your departure. 

16. Laundry: During your stay:  Feel free to use the washer and dryer for your personal items as well as house towels or other items which may have become soiled.

17. Water:  Fresh water is a precious commodity as the house is served by a well. Be aware that excessive water usage could result in poor water quality or low pressure while the pump tries to keep up. Please be reasonable with your water use. There is a whole–house water softener system. Guests should not have to deal with the water softener system during their stay. 

18. Septic System:  The system serves well if we don’t give it “indigestion” by flushing inorganic items other than toilet paper, or by pouring grease into the sinks or drains. Most hygiene products such as sanitary wipes and tampons labeled “flushable” are not “digestible” by septic tanks. DON’T FLUSH THEM; dispose of them in the wastebasket. Do not use chlorine bleach in the laundry or elsewhere in the house.

19. Pets:

     a. Any pets accompanying you must be approved in advance. Service animals welcome (within reason... sorry no Service Peacocks).

     b. Pets need not be kept on a leash, but should be accompanied at all times by a responsible individual capable of restraining the animal. Do not just let the pet out to roam freely. This is a rural area and besides the obvious traffic hazard, it is easy for a pet to become lost or fall victim to other natural accidents or predators.  The landlord assumes NO responsibility for lost, injured or dead pets.

     c. Pet excrement must be picked up and bagged in baggies you provide yourself. Thereafter, these may be disposed of in a larger consolidated bag prior to adding to the Garbage Bin. Do not throw individual excrement baggies into the Garbage Bin behind the garage.

     d. All pet hair or other “leavings” must be removed from any and all surfaces. If you brought a pet, you are responsible for vacuuming the carpets and furnishings prior to your departure.


20. Noise: 

     a. Sound that is audible beyond the property boundaries shall not be more excessive than would be otherwise associated with a rural residential area.

     b. Amplified sound that is audible beyond the property boundaries is prohibited.

These are the Rest of the most frequently asked questions...


21. BBQ Grill:

    a. Clean/Scrape grates prior to use with the tools provided

    b. Use only on the uncovered patio area

    c. Turn on only as many burners as you need. Please don’t waste the propane.

    d. An adult must attend the grill at all times when the burners are lit

    e. When done, turn off the burners and close the lid. This helps burn off remaining food residue

    f. When the grates are cool, clean/scrape the grates and empty the grease drip pan.

22. Fire Pit: Use the metal one provided. Do NOT dig your own. YOU agree that YOU assume all liability for any fires or other damage caused by your fire. The fire pit should only be used in the grassy flat space between the back porch and the garage/dungeon or out in the back yard in the mowed area. Beware of the un-mown dry grassy area.

23. Fireworks: 

    a. Fireworks which are legal in West Virginia are permitted on the property, however YOU agree that YOU assume all liability for any fires or other damage to the property or neighboring properties caused by your fireworks. Illegal fireworks are prohibited on the property.

    b. Fireworks are only permitted in the driveway portion of the property and must be kept away from all structures. A charged water hose or bucket of water must be kept immediately at hand during any fireworks use.

24. Firearms: 

    a. Firearms are not permitted on the property without prior coordination with the landlord. 

    b. Firearms may only be discharged on the property in a proscribed area/location, with prior coordination with the landlord. Such use will require a separate liability waiver signed by all individuals involved.

25. Deck Railings: Warning: The deck rails are designed to keep you from falling off the deck not for gymnastics. Death or injury may occur from sitting on, climbing on, or leaning over the deck railings!

26. Landlord’s Closets or Cabinets: The landlord maintains supplies and personal items in certain closets and cabinets. Please do not tamper with any locked closets or cabinets or attempt to open these spaces. If something in an unlocked cabinet or closet seems to be of a personal nature of the landlord, please leave it alone.

27. Repairs: Do not attempt to fix anything. If something breaks or is broken upon your arrival, please inform the landlord as soon as possible.

28. First Aid Kits:  If you need to use them, please leave us a note describing the items used so we can replenish them.

    a. The House First Aid kit is located in the kitchen by the phone. 

    b. The Dungeon First Aid Kit is located on the shelf next to the entry door.

About the Dungeon

Special Rules regarding “play” equipment in the Dungeon.


1. Furniture & Toys - Use only the furniture and tools with which you are familiar and exercise safety protocols at all times. Landlord assumes no responsibility for injury or death incurred during a guest’s use of the garage/dungeon.

     a. Saint Andrews Cross

     b. Whipping Frame

     c. Spanking Bench

     d. Sex Swing

     e. Medical Bench

     f. Exam Chair

     g. Etc.

2. Cleaning – Please clean up the general area as much as possible

     a. Sweep up any debris left by your play. Anything but sharps and bloody items may be disposed of in the trash bins provided.

     b. Clean furniture surfaces with the Antiseptic and Cavicide Wipes provided. Antiseptic Wipes first then the Cavicide.

3. Wax Play/Candles – Restricted to the Dungeon Medical Table which MUST be covered with the medical tissue provided. You must keep wax confined to the tarp protected floor area. When the scene is completed, all wax supplies should be replaced where they were, and the area , including the bench and Medical Table thoroughly surface cleaned. The floor and floor tarp should be swept and as much wax debris removed as possible.

4. Massage Table  – Dry and clean the massage table prior to your departure. Place the fitted sheets in the house laundry basket. If excessive oils are used or the sheet is particularly soiled please launder and replace the sheets and prior to your departure.

5. Sharps and Blood 

     a. Sharps, such as needles, scalpels, etc and any bloody items must be removed from the property and disposed of offsite

     b. Blood – take extra care in cleaning any blood from surfaces using the Cavicide Wipes.